Hummer Tuning at Smokey's Dyno

You are most likely visiting this page because you are looking for enhanced power and performance for your Hummer. Smokey's Dyno can deliver the results you are looking for by performing a full service ECU dyno tune. Using the state of the art Superflow AutoDyn 880E AWD Dynamometers, we perform some of the most advanced services to make your car faster and more powerful. After having your Hummer dyno tuned by Smokey's Dyno, on average you will experience an 8-10% increase in wheel horsepower and torque on a naturally aspirated engine. Even larger gains are possible on forced induction engines! Not only will you receive a boost in power, but you'll also notice a 10-15% increase in your miles per gallon (MPG). After your Hummer has been properly tuned, you'll be sure to love the heightened performance. Don't forget that when we dyno tune your vehicle you'll also be optimizing the sound your car makes. Your Hummer will go from a quiet hum to a howl by the time it leaves our facility! Check out a few of our dyno tune videos by visiting Smokey's Dyno YouTube Channel.

Located in Akron, Ohio, Smokey's Dyno takes pride in employing some of the most experienced tuning technicians around. We use only the highest quality parts for our services and our cutting edge facility is environmentally friendly. If you are trying to take your Hummer to the next level, don't wait to bring it to Smokey's Dyno. Stop by our shop, find us on our Facebook Page for the latest information or call us at 330-644-0021 to set your dyno tune appointment today!

H2: $595