Cadillac Tuning

You've invested a good deal of time and money into your Cadillac. Don't you want your vehicle to reach it's full potential? At Smokey's Dyno, we offer full ECU dyno tuning on many different Cadillac models. Our unique tuning process uses the state of the art Superflow AutoDyn 880E All Wheel Drive Dynamometer – the best in the business. After we are done tuning your Cadillac, you'll notice an average gain of 8-10% wheel horsepower and torque on a naturally aspirated engine. Additionally, huge gains are possible on forced induction engines. Not only will you get a boost in power, but also your miles per gallon (MPG) will increase on average of 10-15%.

Our comprehensive service also includes a specification sheet documenting the car's performance – before and after. We take pride in making our customer's happy. After seeing the results from our test pulls, our customers are always pleased. To see the process in action, we invite you to visit Smokey's Dyno YouTube Channel. Keep up to date with the latest by visiting our Facebook Page. As the elite tuning facility in Ohio, our tuners at Smokey's Dyno have over 30 years combined experience on almost all foreign and domestic models. Cars are our passion and you can feel confident that your car is in the best possible hands at Smokey's Dyno. Conveniently located in Akron, feel free to stop by or give us a call regarding all of your dyno tuning needs!